Custom Developments

Development with Open Source Technologies

  • Java, Java EE (Tomcat, GlassFish and JBoss, WildFly), MVC, Component Oriented Platforms, RESTFUL / Stateless Platforms

  • Java EE 6/7,

    Spring, Hibernate, Java Server Faces, JUnit, JBoss Seam, JSF/Ajax RichFaces, middlewares.

  • .NET (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET) development environments

  • Adobe Flex SDK for RIA development when pure HTML5/Ajax is not an option

  • Modern Thin Server / Thick Client Platforms
  • Vert.x High Performance real time application platform

Fault tolerance and Performance targeted Clustering and server Virtualization

  • Redundancy: Linux virtual server - VRRP for routers and servers, HSRP Cisco routers setup

  • Performance and availability targeted "Clustering":

  • Render Farms, Linux Cluster (OpenMosix,BeoWulf), Massively parallel computing.

  • Serveur virtualization using Xen Hypervisor/Linux KVM/OpenVZ and VMware. Redhat EL Virtualization Server.

Third party application integration (Middleware et proprietary software)

  • Financial services integration: TibCo Rendez-Vous, Swapswire, Excel Realtime feeds Excel (pricers traders/brokers).

  • Straight Through Processing to Kondor/Summit, SQL databases etc.

  • FiX Engine Protocol

Project Management - Specifications

  • Translation of business needs. Functional specifications

Project Management - Development

  • Q&A (testing cycles management, load simulations, simulation/pre-production environments deployment)

  • BugTracking and project development cycle management: Trac, Redmine, BugZilla, GitLab, CI, Hudson/Jenkins etc.

  • Full Solutions’ deployment. Automated Integration testing and continuous build integration.