Network design

  • LAN Ethernet, WAN,IP routing, deployment & configuration of routers and firewalls

  • Network interconnection

  • Interconnecting remote networks: VPN, cryptography, Monitoring systems (SNMP, Alarms etc.)

  • Opensource Intrusion Detection/Protections Systems (Snort IDS)

Database design and configuration

  • MS SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB, MySQL, Sybase ASE

  • Java JDBC, Connection pooling, ORM (JBoss Hibernate and JPA)

  • Design and deployment of networked backup solutions

  • NoSQL distributed databases (document oriented): MongoDB, Couchbase.

  • Optimization of RDBMS performance through Level 1 and Level 2 distributed entities/queries caches (Terracotta clustered EHCache/Big Memory)

Performance and scalability oriented J2EE Architecture

  • J2EE Application Servers (JBoss and Oracle GlassFish) , JBoss middlewares, Sun Mojarra JSF , JBoss Hibernate, JBoss SEAM web application framework, JBoss Richfaces Ajax framework

  • Full J2EE 6 stack + Seam 3 (CDI,JPA 2.0,JSF 2.0 ajax etc.)

  • Unit testing for integration tests.

  • Adobe Flex 3/4 SDK (Flex based RIA developments with J2EE backend)

  • Agile method of development and continuous integration