Eric Taieb's references gathered after 15 years in IT infrastructure development and management as well as 13 years of experience in the finance sector/electronic trading.

Michael WALDMAN (BrokerHub) Vice-President

"Eric is really easy to work with. He has a very good knowledge of all latest technologies, and can adapt really fast to new environments, and different languages.We've worked with him for over a year, and everything went really smoothly."

  • Service Category: IT Consultant (Financial Sector / Broker Services)

  • Year first hired: 2008

  • Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Christian Kjaeldgaard (Swapswire) Head of Broker Customer Services / Director at Markit

“I worked at SwapsWire as HPC's Account Manager when Eric Taïeb was CTO at HPC/ATFox. We had a lot of contact, and in managing the implementation of HPC's interface to SwapsWire Eric impressed on me with his technical knowledge and his ability to learn quickly. Eric was very responsive, and always able to come up with clever solutions. Eric is hard-working and achieved results within tight timeframes.”

Cecilia Mathiasson (Univits AB Sweden) Senior Support Officer

“I was at Univits as Head of Operations when Eric Taïeb was CTO at ATFox. We had contact on a daily basis for 4 years. Eric is well oriented in a broad technical perspective and always eager to understand and come up with alternatives. Eric played an important role in software development and building the technical platform to support the trading systems. Eric never gives up when things seem impossible.”

Vincent van Mackelenbergh (ATFox Ltd) CEO, presently ICAP Director

“I recommend Eric Taïeb highly, especially his ability to work under very tight deadlines solving complex IT problems.”

Julien Garnier (MCI / Verizon Business France) Head of Technical Consultancy

“I worked as a provider for Eric while he was CTO for HPC/ATFox. During this period, Eric has impressed me by his professionalism and helpfulness while we where trying to troubleshoot some complex IT and network related issues. He is very reliable and able to adapt, even in stressful environments."

These recommendations are taken from the linked in page available here.

Resume / Curriculum Vitae as of January 2013 is downloadable here. However up to date information about future developments are always up to date on the website.